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Value Add of Our Security Service

It is no mistake that we have positioned ourselves in the market place as a boutique security provider allowing us to be nimble in nature and not overburdened with an inflexible, overpowering business model that is not conducive to each and every individual client’s security needs.

We have built and continue to develop a product that is based around what specific needs the client wants for their site so we blend seamlessly into the clients operation and enhance their business.

At Messana Group we understand that in this competitive market it is not enough to just fulfil the scope of a contract; to be industry leaders and dominant in the market place Messana Group must bring added value outside agreed contract scope.

Messana Group uses an innovative approach to how we conduct our security function some examples are the use of latest technology, world best practise, better wages for staff. Our experience has shown that one of the most effective ways to add value is through our staff, one of the principles of Messana Groups company ethos is “what else can we do” this principle is a major part of our company culture which all members of Messana Group carry making it standard practice to add value by:

‣ Messana Group senior management are able to be on your site more often than required. “We are boutique” and don’t have a volume mentality that spreads our top people across too many sites, the benefit to the client is we spend more time on your site managing our security staff, suppling one on one ongoing training and overseeing our service delivery to ensure we are the best in the business.

‣ Staff that are over skilled or being trained over and above the position requirement so that the client receives a higher level of service and Messana Group staff members have a career path set before them giving them job satisfaction.

‣ We are continuing to develop training programs for staff that teach skills beyond security and customer service functions so our members become more skilled with a better knowledge base in more areas of the site they are posted to.

‣ Messana Group staff that are not just conducting their security duties but are able to assist the client in their daily duties so the client is freed up to attend to more pressing matters.

‣ Staff members are able to take a proactive approach in their position rather than just come to work and do just enough to get the job done. Messana Group staff members are the foundation of our business, in order to have the best people we supply a career path not a job, our rates of pay mean that our staff are financially rewarded well for their effort and carry an attitude of excellence in everything they do.

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