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Messana Training – Who We Are

Messana Group has positioned itself in the marketplace as a quality Emergency Response Solutions Provider aimed at being a breath of fresh air for our clients. We have a solid track record of delivering excellence in performance and services with a high degree of “personal touch” not currently seen in the industry. Messana Group doesn’t come with the one size fits all service model but rather fit ourselves to each individual client.

Our Messana Group solutions are here to ensure our clients’ Emergency Control Procedures achieve compliance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 and Building Fire Safety Regulations. We provide Emergency Response Solutions to clientele Australia wide and offer the best service available in the marketplace for a competitive price

We are known in the market place for our:

  • Innovative and tailored solutions that challenge the status quo
  • Customised high personal touch service that adds real value
  • Dedicated team delivering your individual requirements with excellence
  • Clear, prompt and reliable communication and reporting
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and desired outcomes

“We know what it means to deliver excellence”

Difference in the Marketplace

Messana Group Training is a cutting edge Emergency Solutions Provider focused on meeting the unique and specialised needs of the Fire & Emergency Evacuation Training industry.

We are constantly building in new concepts and methods from inside and outside of our industry. We look around the world for new inspiration to keep us at the forefront of Fire & Emergency Evacuation Training service provision – challenging the status quo of what we see now in the marketplace.

Messana Group is a customised high personal touch service that adds real value to the clients business and environment. Our Fire & Emergency Evacuation solution services promote a feeling of confidence and trust which brings great rewards to both client and Messana Group.

We manage our contracts relationally not administratively – client contact is our focal point and as the client you have the guarantee that Messana Group has a responsible management person and front line staff that are dedicated to delivering your individual requirements with excellence.

Emergency Solutions

Messana Group Emergency Solutions is a team of dedicated Emergency Industry Specialists who are committed to the delivery of Emergency Training Services which guarantee total regulatory compliance. We will manage all aspects of your emergency response and training needs. We take charge of the entire process and relieve our clients of the operational responsibilities associated with the management and supervision of this task.

Our quality assurance and continuous improvement policies are subject to government auditing, which ensure that our clients and their tenants receive emergency solutions and training of the highest national standard. Messana Group is recognised as a premium service provider of Fire, Emergency and Evacuation Services as indicated by the rate of acceptance and ongoing demand demonstrated by both our clients and the marketplace.

Our Services Include:

  • Onsite Training (e.g. Fire & Emergency Evacuation)
  • Compliance Management
  • Emergency Plans & Procedures
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Emergency Diagrams & Signage
  • Warden Management
  • Online Training
  • General Consulting & Advice

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