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Ongoing Emergency Training

Ongoing Emergency Training Services of Established Procedures

Messana Group’s Training programs include a number of ongoing services:

  • Issues a reminder notice to management of any training activity taking place approximately five to seven working days prior to the activity.
  • Advises management in writing of the evacuation exercise approximately five to seven working days prior to the event.
  • Submits a written report to management on the activity that has taken place including copies of the warden attendance register’s.
  • Submits in writing to management the result of the evacuation exercise with recommendations, including copies of the warden attendance register/s.
  • Updates the warden register following each warden activity and submits updated copies to management and Chief Warden.
  • Assists management with fire safety issues or risk matters that may periodically arise.
  • Informs management of any legislative amendments concerning matters of fire safety and procedures that have direct effect on the property’s operations.
  • Presents management with a certificate of compliance, including an annual report listing all activities that have been conducted during the period.

Emergency Procedure Compliance

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Compliance

As a Business Owner or Manager (tenant of a complex) you’re responsible for your tenanted area’s evacuation diagrams, emergency procedures, staff training and maintenance of your tenancies fire safety equipment (such as extinguishers and blankets).

What Tenants are required to and responsible for:

  •  Evacuation Signs & Diagrams (tenants area)     
  • General Training for all staff.
  • First Response Training for all staff
  • Tenancy specific fire safety installations
  • Evacuation coordination procedures
  • Fire and Evacuation Plan
  • Evacuation Exercise/Plan      
  • Fire Safety Adviser (Qld)
  • Records Management
  • Maintenance
  • Occupiers Statement

Duties of the Complex Owners/ Managers:

Establishment of Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
The role of the ECO is to control critical events until Emergency Services arrive. The ECO consists of the Chief Warden Group, Floor Wardens and Fire Wardens. They are responsible to implement building and tenant procedures in the event of an Emergency. They are responsible to the EPC. The ECO is to conduct training on a regular basis, no less than once per 6 months. The ECO is to conduct a building evacuation no less than once a year.

Establishment of Emergency Planning Committee (EPC)
The Emergency Planning Committee responsibility is to set the conditions for the successful management of critical incidents that may require evacuation. It is imperative that all building key stakeholders participate in this meeting and that key requirements are regularly reviewed.

The role of the EPC is to review current emergency procedures amend these procedures to ensure continual improvement and to encourage best practice. It is to also encourage effective communication across all tenants within the building. The EPC is not business continuity planning however it does serve as important part of the outcome of that process. The EPC should be attended by tenant managers and key personal as well as Property / Facility Managers, Engineering staff and the Chief Warden Group.

Establishment of Emergency Response Procedures (ERP)
Messana Group will undertake the assessment, design and establishment of site specific emergency management and evacuation procedures. These services include:

  • Assessment and design of site specific emergency management procedures and emergency evacuation plans
  • Initial production of written procedures with a basic plan layout including evacuation assembly areas for each floor
  • Provision of an emergency procedures manual for the Property Manager, Chief Warden, and Deputy Chief Warden
  • Production of A3 or A4 laminated emergency procedure signs
  • Production of customised guidelines and checklists
  • Initial Wardens Listing

NB: All floor plans are drawn on a Microsoft Visio program. Plans when completed will show only the basic floor layout with direction to fire exits including associated fire systems and equipment specific to site. These are not intended as architectural plans.

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