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“Do we need a Fire Safety Advisor”

Note: The Building Fire Safety Regulations is a QLD only regulation. The new wording of the Regulation is a MUST and REQUIRED rather than SHOULD

What is a Fire Safety Advisor?

  • A FSA is REQUIRED for all workplaces where the individual employer employs 30 or more workers at the workplace
  • A FSA is a person who has completed the 8 required competencies from a recognised RTO

Is a Fire Safety Advisor Required?

  • A FSA is required for all High Occupancy Buildings
  • Any building that is a workplace employing 30 or more people

Responsibilities of a Fire Safety Advisor

  • Provide or arrange First Response Evacuation instruction
  • Evacuation instructions
  • Records must be kept


Requirements for Fire Safety Regulations 2008

  • Every building must have a written Fire and Evacuation Plan
  • Every Tenancy must have a tailored written Fire and Evacuation Plan
  • All occupiers are required to be review the plan annually. The review must be recorded
  • All occupiers are required to conduct an evacuation of a building annually

Responsibilities of Tenancies

  • Display evacuation signs
  • Provide or arrange first response and evacuation training for each staff member

What Messana Group can provide

  • Messana Group can provide your FSA
  • Messana Group can inspect your property to ensure compliance
  • Messana Group can take immediate action to bring your building Fire and Evacuation Documentation to regulation standard

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