HR Strategy / Policy

Our strategy recognises that people are fundamental to maintaining solid business relationships, so we strive to keep our employees satisfied and empowered.

To ensure that Messana Group can attract and retain the best possible people our human resource strategy is underpinned by the following philosophies.

  • Developing staff to their full potential through structured, on the job and external training programs.
  • Cultivating a culture of belonging and a sense of purpose.
  • Retention of staff to minimise recruitment and repeat training costs and create more cohesive operational teams.

Messana Group employees are integral partners in growing our business.

Our HR initiatives enhance employee’s skills and potential and continually improve the quality of service we provide to clients.

Messana Group is committed to developing a strong, loyal team with common principles and values. This policy is the tool, which will ensure management and staff develop and grow to reach their potential and meet their personal and organisation goals.

Messana Group strategies are supported by a wide range of policies and procedures which reflect our commitment to providing the best overall work environment for our people. Messana Group policy is underpinned by the following principles

  • Training
  • Safe work environment
  • Work satisfaction
  • Remuneration

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