WHS Policy and Risk Management

Messana Group is bound by the Work Health & Safety legislation and best practice to ensure that we fulfil all our statutory obligations in accordance with the requirements. Messana Group is committed to creating and maintaining the highest standard of work health and safety. At Messana we aim to have work environments that are safe, healthy and uphold the welfare of all employees, contractors, visitors and users of the client’s or our premises, and the general public. We achieve this through continuously developing, evolving and maintaining WHS management systems to suit the work environment. Messana Group will comply with work health and safety standards, relevant legislation, advisory standards, and Messana Group Policies.

At Messana Group we have a culture of promoting health and safety awareness. All our employees understand their obligations and are required to uphold their responsibilities in the health and safety of themselves and others, and to support management efforts to implement workplace health & safety strategies.

In demonstrating management’s duty of care, we will make every reasonable effort to provide a working environment that minimises incidents of risk or personal injury, ill health or damage to property.
This includes:

  • Providing employees and persons with appropriate training, information and resources.
  • Providing safe work environments, plant and equipment and systems of work.
  • Regular consultation on and improvement of health and safety issues and practices.

A safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and this can be best achieved through cooperative efforts of employees and persons. A safe culture will be reinforced through:

  • Continually identifying, assessing and controlling possible risks to the health and safety of people that may arise in the workplace.
  • The provision of information concerning such risks and the promotion, instruction, training and supervision of staff, persons and other stakeholders to ensure safe work practices.
  • Giving employees and persons the opportunity to participate in health and safety decisions that affect them.

In the interests of maintaining safety, contractors, their employees, visitors and persons are required to observe and comply with all health and safety standards and rules produced. This includes any safety signage or warnings, or instruction given by company employees whilst on our premises.

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