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Our Management Philosophy

Messana Group’s management philosophy is based firmly on our commitment to deliver a superior service by understanding the client’s needs then delivering a customised solution to the client. This will be achieved by a team of driven managers, who know what it means to deliver excellence, that will tailor and supply a service within our best practice and quality standards framework.

Our service solutions integrate the skills and experience of Messana Group and our clients, supported by fully transparent dealings and defined work processes.

We are known in the market place for our:

  • High calibre of personnel
  • Expert knowledge of our industry
  • Initiatives and problem resolution processes
  • Flexibility in services offered
  • Tailored solutions
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and desired outcomes

“We know what it means to deliver excellence”

Commitment to Innovation

At Messana Group we are continually improving and streamlining our business processes to ensure that they reflect the highest industry standards in all facets of our operations. We actively seek the participation of our clients in this process and incorporate their valued feedback into our innovation development process.

We constantly review our business, our service models and our actual delivery outcomes on the ground to ensure we are always on the cutting edge of innovation within our industry. Our innovative and no nonsense approach to the same old industry problems is what positions us as market leaders.

Customer Service

Messana Group is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service to our clients and within our contract delivery. In our industry today customer service is a large component and an increasingly vital function within our service solutions role. We understand that in the overall experience for our clients the quality of the customer service we provide is just as crucial as the security, training and compliance duties we perform.

Messana Group’s excellence in customer service ensures we add value and positive impact to our client’s products and branding. Right from the directors of Messana Group meeting with the client for contract discussions, through to our staff on the front line helping a member of the public, you will find customer service is always at the forefront of our minds.

Quality Policy

Provide consistent, superior services at a price that represents “value for money”

Messana Group takes a proactive method towards ensuring quality in our service delivery through constant self assessment and performance measurement. This allows us to identify trends, fix issues before they occur or promptly deal with issues when they do occur. In this way we are aware and in control of our service rather than having the client complain about poor service after issues have occurred.

Messana Group uses a range of reporting, measurement and performance tools that are customised to individual sites and client needs. Some examples are trend identification, key performance indicators, corrective action procedures and tailored reporting mechanisms being just a few of the methods used that are available to clients.

All Messana Group personnel are contractually bound by performance criteria and monitoring to ensure a high quality service is provided to our clients.

Best Practice/SWMS

The requirement for services we provide to “add value” is a common call from many in the market place. The Messana Group is in the business of adding value to Retail, Corporate Commercial, Industrial and Government clients through effective service delivery. We achieve this with attention to detail and a strong management focus and involvement.

Messana Group strives to lift the standards by concentrating on our people. They are required to operate with a philosophy of providing consistently high standards of service to our clients.

Messana Group has established best practice through 15 years of experience and consultation with our clients. Our service functions are coupled with extensive policy and procedure, standard operating procedures that are site specific, safe work method statements and Health and Safety guidelines.

Messana Group constantly reviews its service delivery against other world class standards and benchmarks to ensure we are always industry leaders.

Effective Mobilisation

Messana Group is known in the market place for a “can do” mandate. Ensuring every request and enquiry will be met with enthusiasm, skill and a sense of urgency.

Our clients experience superior response times in all facets of our service provision, from management to frontline staff. Due to Messana Groups nimble nature, we are able to accommodate our clients with flexibility in providing tailored services to meet challenging situations and conditions in limited time frames and emergency situations. Contract transition will be handled with sensitivity, urgency, attention to detail and clear open communication which will; ensure minimal disruption to the client’s operations, minimise performance dips in the service provision during transition period, and maintain a sense of reassurance, clarity and calm amongst current and incoming staff.

Environment Policy

Messana Group minimises its ecological impacts by ensuring that planning and operations are consistent with best environmental practices through the application of strategies and technologies that demonstrates ecologically sustainable development and continuous improvement.

“Value for money” Methodology

Our pricing philosophy is based on providing you with a realistic priced solution that will provide a high-quality standard.

While low pricing may seem attractive in the current economic climate, unless the pricing model is based on a sustainable price, based on sufficient coverage/compliance, staff training and market competitive pay rates for staff, the requirements of the contract scope will not be met to the standards required.

A “bargain-priced” solution will, in all likelihood, be outweighed by additional costs through

  • Time wasted in managing an unworkable relationship
  • Time and money spent on re-tendering/procuring new service providers
  • Brand and reputation damage to all parties concerned due to inferior service standards
  • Increased public liability and workplace risks

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