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A word from the Managing Director of Messana Group Security:

We have identified a gap in the Queensland market place for a security provider that supplies a niche security service that sets itself apart from the larger companies and national providers.

Messana Group Security has been formed by myself and a carefully selected team of people who have extensive experience in supplying industry leading security services to the market place in Queensland for the last 15 years with a focus to Corporate Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Government sectors.

It is our intention to offer the market place a boutique style security service in which meeting and exceeding the client requirements is our first priority, where relational contract management is our focal point, and where as the client you have the guarantee that the company you have engaged has a responsible person that will go “all out” to get your job done well – rather than “making do” with a minimum effort, barely achieving what is contractually required.

Our commitment is that clients will have one senior point of contact and you will know the person well, they will be on your site weekly ensuring our staff are maintaining a high level of service delivery constantly. Our designated senior people are the best from the industry and will have intimate knowledge of the security contract they are bound by and the site specific needs.

It has been my experience that the large portion of the transient behaviour we see in security industry work force is due to the lack of opportunity to achieve their career aspirations and goals, poor working conditions or they can simply get more money elsewhere. Messana believes in order to alleviate these inherent issues plaguing the security industry we must leave behind the old “labour for hire” mentality and position ourselves as a very viable career option for people looking for work. Messana Group has successfully done this and is committed to continuous improvement as we cement ourselves as an “employer of choice” in the marketplace.

Messana Group is currently researching extensive internal training program initiatives, looking inside and outside the industry for training material, curriculum and skills that can be incorporated into a traineeship that will lead to a more skilled work force, an excellent career path for the individual and a better security product delivered to our clients.

Right now Messana Group Security staff consider themselves customer service officers not just security guards; they are well paid, well trained and loyal to Messana Group and its clients.

Kind Regards
Jason Tait
Managing Director
Messana Group Security

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